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Mon, Dec 31, 2012
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Views on sex changed while on the job
by Jeanne Tai

Birthday hook-up

My views about sex changed while on the job. I used to think that girls who got drunk and slept with men were cheap sluts who couldn’t control themselves. But after I got sucked into this world, I realised it was easier said than done.

There’s temptation, there’s alcohol, plus you see people hooking up every other night, so it almost seems “normal”. More than once, I’ve seen tipsy women let guys finger them in the middle of the club.

I had drunken sex twice within my first six months at work. Both hook-ups occurred on the job, while I was entertaining customers.

The first guy was a friend and colleague, Max. It was my birthday, and I was drinking more than usual – I can’t remember how much. Basically, I was downing whatever was being offered to me.

The last thing I remember was thinking, “I need to go home now”. After that, my memory is an utter blank. The next thing I knew, it was morning. I opened my eyes and found myself lying in Max’s bed, right next to him. “Crap!” was my first thought. What a birthday present.

I didn’t even remember how we ended up there or how the sex went, but it must have happened. Why else would I have been in bed with him?

He’d also been drunk and woke up horrified. “What the hell happened?” we asked each other.

Things were awkward for the next few days. We still had to face each other at work, where I avoided talking to him too much. I didn’t want him to think I’d developed romantic feelings for him because I hadn’t. I wanted to draw a line.

A few days later, we both sat down and had a talk about what happened. We agreed that it would be nothing more than a one-night stand.

In fact, we grew closer after the incident. Perhaps it’s because we’d been intimate, but more importantly, it helped that we were mature about the whole thing and didn’t end up overanalysing or obsessing over it.

I now consider him one of my best friends. We can talk about anything.

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