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Wed, 19 Feb 2014
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Human Barbie's goal: "To subsist on air and light alone"
by Charlene Chua

Love her or hate her, the reality is that some women just want to be her.

For decades, detractors have slammed Barbie doll's "ridiculous proportions" as the cause of women's body image issues.

Mattel's iconic plastic figure sports big breasts and a tiny waist that critics say if visualised on a real-life woman would render her having only half a liver and walking on all fours.

Just last week, Mattel, which created the doll in 1959, sparked controversy yet again when it teamed up with Sports Illustrated to have Barbie featured in the magazine's 50th anniversary swimsuit edition.

But there's a YouTube sensation who feels Barbie is "perfect" - and has even ridden on its coattails to gain awareness for her beliefs. Meet Ukranian model Valeria Lukyanova, also known as Human Barbie.

Reportedly 28 years old, Lukyanova became one of the most famous women on Russian Internet when she uploaded videos and pictures of herself looking like Barbie two years ago.

With silky blonde hair, 38DD breasts, a 19-inch waist and her striking resemblance to the plastic doll, her close to a million fans online just can't get enough of her.

On the flip side, some of her detractors have called her "mentally insane".

Foreign and local psychologists have even deemed her ideals dangerous and delusional.

Last year, she was the subject of a documentary film, Space Barbie, that explored her life and beliefs.

It was so titled because in various interviews with the US media, Lukyanova said that she believes she is from another planet.

And she works as a spiritual teacher with the School Of Out-Of-Body Travel in its branch in Odessa, Ukraine, because she is passionate about teaching others to harness their powers of astral projection.

She has also claimed that she has had only breasts implants and that her appearance is a result of "sports massages, healthy living and professional make-up".

She said that she eats only tiny amounts of herbs and vegetables at one time and this liquid vegetarian diet is what keeps her in shape. Her eventual plan is to "subsist on air and light alone".

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Love her or hate her, the reality is that some women just want to be her. (Photo: Facebook)
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the 2 bao fake wan! :eek::D
Posted by baoxingtian on Sat, 22 Feb 2014 at 09:58 AM
Only the AMs would believe this woman is not insane :D
Posted by mystrawberry on Sat, 22 Feb 2014 at 09:48 AM


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