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Tue, 22 Apr 2014
SPH Razor
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Andrea De Cruz would murder for Pierre Png
by SPH Razor

It has been a long time since Pierre Png has been seen in an English drama, and for his comeback, he plays a very dark role, one that sees him commit murder for the people he loves.

But how far would the actor really go in real life?

He says "if push comes to shove" in a war situation, he "might have to do that".

And wife Andrea De Cruz agrees, saying she would do the same: "You protect the people you love."

When asked about the extremes that Pierre would go for love, Andrea retorts incredulously: "Oh my goodness, need you ask?", referring to the 2002 operation where Pierre donated a portion of his liver to Andrea after she suffered from liver failure.

What extremes would you go to for your loved ones?

Andrea De Cruz and Pierre Png tell us just how far they would go for the people they love in the video clip above.

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